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Travertine & Shellstone

Travertine & Shellstone are natural stones that are porous in nature, characterized by pitted holes and troughs in its surface. There are various different types or quality levels of Travertine and Shellstone, and that is why they are so versatile and can be used for many installation applications including showers, vanities, tables, floors and even outdoor patios and lanais. It can be polished to a glossy smooth finish or it can be honed for a natural rustic finish, based on the quality of the stone and the client's desired look.

Although Travertine and Shellstone are not as dense of a stone as Granite or Marble, it is still sensitive to acidic substances (such as juice, wine, coffee, etc.) and so it can be etched rather easily. 

Travertine & Shellstone Restoration

Travertine and Shellstone require essentially the same cleaning procedures and maintenance as that of Marble, or any other type of natural stone, in order to remain in good condition.

Travertine & Shellstone Honed Finish with Clean & Seal

Travertine & Shellstone Repairs & Maintenance

Overtime, Travertine and Shellstone can build up dirt in its pores and even get chipped, which will make its surface look dull and worn. But we can save your Travertine and Shellstone installations by using our specialized equipment, along with professional grade cleaners, to thoroughly clean the stone and then seal it.

Travertine & Shellstone Repairs & Maintance Projects
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