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Terrazzo &

Terrazzo is essentially a concrete floor with chips of rough cut marble and granite inlaid in it. One of the best features about Terrazzo restoration is that it can cost less than installing new flooring. The most common misconception about Terrazzo is that it can be fully restored by performing a basic scrubbing, cleaning or bleaching of the floor's surface. There are companies that use sealers or coatings in an attempt to provide a finish (gloss, semi-gloss, etc) on Terrazzo floors without actually performing a full restoration. This finish can possibly yellow or crack and peal off over time.

A finished concrete is a wonderful option for interior floors of all kinds. As a flooring finish, polished concrete is beautiful, environmentally friendly and easy to clean. It offers endless opportunities to customize your floor to a specific, desired aesthetic and style. There are dozens of variables in polishing concrete that make each floor unique, this is why we clearly communicate with our clients to identify what their expectations are and what is realistically possible. 

With all the variables that are inherent in any given concrete floor, and the variety of decisions on diamond type, bonding materials, grit size, and type of concrete grinder, this type of job should be handled by professionals. [Please note though that there are different types of Concrete and that some types cannot be polished.]

Whether your floor is in a commercial or residential area, we recommend the use of 100% PH Neutral Cleaners for cleaning your Terrazzo. We will help you to protect your investment with simple guidelines for using the proper products and cleaning methods.

Concrete Garage Floor Polished to High-gloss Finish

Terrazzo Restoration

When it comes to Terrazzo restoration we excel and have grown to specialize in it. Our Terrazzo floor restoration services include cleaning, repairing, refinishing, polishing and sealing your floors. Our floor restoration services are available for both residential and commercial projects.

We only use our advanced Wet Mechanical Polishing System that includes the use of diamond pads, along with a wet process to grind, hone, and polish Terrazzo floors to provide a full restoration and achieve the best possible results.

Terrazzo Floor at Laundromat Polished to High-gloss

Terrazzo Crack & Hole Repairs

Over the years, we have worked to come up with the best terrazzo chip and hole repair system. We carry a variety of epoxy fillers and pigment colors that are mixed onsite to match the existing color of your floors, as closely as possible. For larger holes, we also fill the epoxy in with colored chips that match the existing chip colors already found in your floors. Once the epoxy is dry, it is honed down with a hand rotary machine to blend this area with the rest of the floor. 

Terrazzo Floor Repair Crack
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