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Natural Stone

All types of natural stone need to be cleaned and receive some type of maintenance. If not cleaned properly their pores can become a breeding ground for bacteria, harmful microbes, and even mold. Not to mention that they could loose their natural luster and become poor in appearance. If left long enough, stains may form making the stone more difficult to clean and can create serious damage to the stone's surface.

It is important to hire a stone care professional to perform the cleaning and sealing of your stone. This will ensure that your stone won't be damaged during the cleaning process and that the proper sealer is applied to suit both you and your stone's needs.

A fresh clean look can instantly bring back the beautiful look of your patio, pool or lanai. Stone entrances and driveways can also be revived and look inviting again, after we have performed our cleaning and sealing services.

Pressure Washing Exterior Natural Stone

Our equipment is specially designed to adjust water pressure to achieve the maximum cleaning results appropriate for stone surfaces.


Utilizing water and professional cleaning solutions, propelled at a specific pressure through special cleaning surface attachments, we can safely clean your exterior Natural Stone, minimizing the chances of damaging.  After the cleaning process is complete, we install an exterior sealer.

Pressure Washed Exterior Natural Stone Pool Deck
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